Maturing by the day

Business cards

We’re growing and maturing every day. Over the last week we checked off a lot of ‘firsts’; we signed our first deals (yes, you read that right, multiple), had our first vendor meetings, presented to our first customers in our office, had our first team lunch, had our first meeting with a startup to discuss us investing (more to follow on that one) and today we finally have something visual to show, we just got our business cards.

Welcome to our new office

Starting Tuesday October 1, 2019 we’ll be moving into our new offices at:

Oude Liermolenweg 1, 2678 MN De Lier, the Netherlands.

Our new facility gives us plenty of space to work, receive customers and do demos and facilitate training.

Want to come check it out? let us know and we’ll have the coffee ready.

WEM Training scheduled

We don’t just build your software, we teach you how to maintain and enhance what we build or even build your own.

We just posted our full training schedule, you can find the details here

We offer the full official WEM curriculum and you can book your training on our site or through the official myWEM site.

Do it yourself, let us help you or let us build your project and take over maintenance once your software is to your liking, it’s all possible with our solutions and because we use the official WEM materials these classes also prepare you for the WEM Certifications!.

Friends and Family communications

If you found our page you’re probably a friend or family member of one of the founders, in the last few days we’ve started communicating about our company on our personal social media channels.

Over the next few weeks we’ll getting the company setup and executing some projects for initial customers to help us get going .

If you have software you’d like us to build for you; anything from converting that excel sheet that controls your company to converting that old piece of software to something modern and even building a new custom application from scratch.

We’ll put your application in the cloud, make it available on mobile even when you’re not online and make you experience the advantages of all the modern technologies without bothering you too much with the choices. The IT part is our skill, your business should be yours.

We’re official

This morning we visited the “Notaris” to get the company incorporated and celebrated with a lunch.

The process was smooth, the lunch was great and as soon as we finished our food we went back to work to get all the company details right. During lunch we received numerous congratulation messages, our first request for a proposal and several job applications, I guess we’re making an impact already.

And yes, the picture was our real lunch for today. Great memory to start the business with.

Our start

After spending the last few years successfully building WEM into a low-code platform company with a global sales model it was time for a change. Now that the product was mature, the distribution channel established and the business operation standardized it was time for for someone else to take the business to the next level. For me the time had come to go do something new, but I was not done with helping customers build custom software for less and the channel business we had setup felt like a second home.

Together with a group of experienced IT and process professionals I’m starting Ten Twenty Solutions as a company to do the things I love to do:

  • Help the WEM partner ecosystem improve quality by providing high skilled WEM consultants for modelling, project management, master template and widget development.
  • Build custom software for end-customers using the WEM platform.
  • Offer WEM education using the official WEM curriculum.
  • Help startups get to revenue faster using the WEM low-code platform to get you to MVP and beyond faster.

Over the next few months we plan to announce some additional initiatives and products.

For the people reading this that know me from my WEM days, I’ve not left you, contact me if you think we can help each other be more successful.


Rob Schilperoort