Custom Software development

We develop custom software, using the latest in software development and hosting techniques. No need for you to worry about the technology, now or in the future.

We make your solutions available faster and at a much reduced cost from traditional methods. That’s the reason for our name, ten times as fast at 20% the cost.

We have experience in several different types of software, including:

Rebuild existing solutions

Maybe you already have a piece of software, but it’s old, doesn’t meet your requirements anymore or has become a burden to maintain. We can rebuild your software on a modern platform with all the changes you had in mind and future proof technology.

Even support for modern technology, including mobile devices is automatically build in.

Business applications from scratch

We build solutions for you, to your specifications and if needed including the design of your specific business process. For you alone, or for you and your business partners.

Integrated applications

All the solutions we build can be made to work with your other software or the software of your business partners. Assuming of course the other software and your business partners allow for integrations.

Integration with your existing security and office applications, financial administration, CRM and other core business applications is often just a few hours of work while saving you time every day because data doesn’t have to be duplicated manually.


We use the latest application technology, which allows us to offer you applications with all modern amenities build in, including continuous backups, disaster recovery, advanced security, service levels for availability and performance, GDPR guarantees and much more.

Because our applications use the latest technologies all modern devices from your smartphone to your desktop will be able to use the software with optimal performance and ease of use.

WEM Training

Prefer to build your own software, or want to maintain your software yourself after we build it for you? we can train you on the WEM platform and get productive in no time.

For the current training schedule and to register check the Training schedule

Startup acceleration

Are you a startup looking for your first product or MVP? we offer startup acceleration services and coaching from a long history of success. We’ll build your MVP faster and at lower cost than anyone else, possibly without any upfront cost to you.

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All our services are delivered based on Dutch law and posted terms and conditions.